KLUS Design company, based in Poland, has been developing its innovative product lines since 1977, meeting the needs of various industries. KLUS LED technology is based on years of experience working in the furniture industry.

The KLUS ‘House Without Bulbs’ demonstrates how easy it is to light an entire home using only eco-friendly LED products. LEDs consume about 15% of the energy needed to illuminate a bulb and their compact size allows for a stunning array of possibilities inside and outside the home. Expand your design capabilities and delight your clients – it’s a whole new realm of contemporary light usage for architects, designers and lighting consultants.

KLUS premium products for linear LED lighting are available in Canada through GestaltHaus ltd. – offering the solutions that Canadians are seeking for their discerning LED lighting applications.
At GestaltHaus, we’re passionate about sleek, functional design. We’re also passionate about sustainability. Our background is in European Design and Engineering, so we’re proud to be the leaders in bringing KLUS LED lighting products to Canada – their versatile, creative solutions have low environmental impact and a huge wow factor. If you haven’t explored the possibilities of LED lighting, let us open you up to innovative options for every lighting need.